The Program

Earthquake Victim Relief Programs

Earthquake that hit on 25th April, 2015 have destroyed most of the part of Nepal. On regard to that team of SADP is concentrated on supporting victims of Tanahun district and Kavre district. We have collaborated with Bumblebee Foundation of Australia/United Religions Initiatives (URI) and different individual donors around the world.  With little support it worth a lot for the people of Tanahu and Kavre district. Lets join hand together to support  needy people in rehabilitation.

Govardhan Sharma Organic Agriculture Resource Center (GOARC), Tanahun

As per the experience gained by the organization, importance of establishing an organic agriculture resource center should be given priority for the development of the organic agriculture in the country like Nepal. Its main objective is to disseminate information, conducting trainings, practical knowledge about organic agriculture especially targeted to the grassroots farmers. The necessity was felt by the farmers during different awareness campaigns in this part of district. We have been providing trainings and conducting workshops related to organic agriculture and its activities. In a due course, from the discussion with board members of Govardhan Sharma Memorial Trust (GSMT) provide two acres of land to establish the resource center in ward no. 9 Pokhrelphant of Vyas Municipality whereas the resource center was established in joint venture of SADP-Nepal and GSMTand named it as Govardhan Organic Agriculture Resource Center (GOARC). SADP is paying its attention to establish and to develop organic agriculture along with the collective effort and common goal.

SADP-Nepal has initiated to establish the following Organic and Eco farms:

Kalesti Khola(Stream) Watershed Management Project, Tanahun

Tanahun District is, a part of Gandaki Zone, is one of the seventy-five district of Nepal which is situated in the centre point of the country, a landlocked country of South Asia The district, with Damauli as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,546 km² and has a population (2001) of 315,237.

Kalesti  Khola is in Tanahun District which is  the tributary of Madi river one of the major river in Nepal. Kalesti  Khola watershed covers the ward number 9 of Vyas Municipality where the total population is 1610, Ward Number 1,2 & 5 of Kyamin Village Development Committee (VDC), total population of these wards is 3475,  Ward Number 6,7 & 8 of Tanhunshur VDC 1405 people are residing in these wards, Ward No 7,8 & 9 of Sastiswanra VDC  total population of these wards is 2549 of Tanahun District. Total 9039 populations of these VDCs will be benefitted.  People of different ethnicity and caste such as Brahmin, Chhetri, Gurung, Magar, Newar, Darai, Kumal, Damai, Kami, Bote and other occupational castes live in this watershed area. The population of the occupational castes (deprived groups in Nepal) in the project area is about 20% of the total population. The watershed is undergoing degradation at varying rates caused by a myriad of multi-layer factors ranging from national policies to the changing livelihood of rural people.

The project area is rich of Bio-diversity and culture. Specially Darai, Kumal, Bote have their own culture. Darai are famous for handicraft and fishing, in the same way Kumal’s main occupation is to make mud pots as well as fishing and farming. Main occupation of the Bote is fishing as they used to stay in the bank of rivers.

Major Activities

Followings are the broad categories of the activities envisioned by the project. The specific activities will be identified together with community people during project implementation.

1. Introduce different income generation activities based and availability of local natural resources and market potential.

2. Increase skill and capacity of community people in different production practices and natural resource management interventions through orientation, social mobilization, training and exposure visits

3. Link farmers’ produce to the market so as to provide adequate benefit from the ecologically produced products.

4. Organize different awareness raising activities such as fairs, folk songs, and poem and broadcast the specific information from FM radios, TV etc to raise the awareness of community people on sustainable watershed management.

5. Improve and strengthen institutional capacity of local organizations such as users’ group, CBOs, mothers’ groups and youth clubs in the area of institutional governance and management of community development activities.

6. Facilitate those local organizations to identify, design, plan and implement watershed management plan so that watershed management becomes sustainable even after the project phase out.

Baral Organic Farm House:  Pumdi Bhumdi VDC –  , Kaski


This farm is situated in a beautiful location in South-West of Pokhara from where it can be seen Annapurna Mountain Range and Fewa Lake in one view.This farm can be reached by bus ride and boat on Fewa Lake. The Farm House has    acre of land and this farm is recently established and following activities are happening.

Mr. Deuraj Baral is the young farmer who has been looking entire management of the farm.


  • Organic Garden ( Different Vegetable, Vermicompost, Livestock etc)
  • Different Crop Farming,
  • Awareness program

Baniya Eco Farm: Kyamin VDC – 2, Saldanda, Tanahun

This Eco Farm was established in 2007 which is located in a beautiful place in a hill of Kyamin VDC-2, Tanahun District. The altitude of farm is about 750 mt. above the sea level. It can be reached with one hour hiking from Kalesti Bazar main road head of the area. The farm owner is Mr. Pappu Baniya an energetic farmer. SADP- Nepal has initiated and promoted to establish this farm. From this farm it can be seen beautiful Mountain View and the Kalesti Valley along with Madi river basin as well as the sun set. The surrounding area of this farm is rich of diverse culture of different ethnic group. Especially Gurung, Magar Damai, Kami and other communities are residing in this location.

Organic goat rearing and vegetable productions are the main activities of this farm. Main goal of this farm is to promote organic agriculture and agro (eco) tourism in this locality. This farm is known as demonstration eco-farm in the area. Where, other farmers can learn and get more information about organic and eco-farm.

Mountain View Eco Farm, Kaski,

Recently established Mountain View Eco Farm  is also one of our partner organization  with common objectives which is located at a beautiful place named Pachabhaiya, Begnas for more information you can visit its’ website This farm has established by Mr. Govinda Poudel who had worked with SADP for more than 7 years.

School Programs

SADP-Nepal and Local Schools have been agreed to bring organic agriculture through school. For the propagation of OA it is essential to bring it to school students in the context of the Nepal. Most of the students are from the families who have made agriculture as their occupation and depend upon it for their livings so they should know about importance of organic agriculture.

Mirlung Star Xavier’s English School

Mirlung Star Xavier’s English School, an English medium school situated in Mirlung– V.D.C. of Tanahun district which is serving people with not only good quality English medium education but also is supporting to promote the organic farming through the students of the school. It is providing quality education not only for the children of its ward but also children of other wards. It has most of all physical and educational material that a good school have. Not only these material but also the teachers teaching here are well behaved.

A child get to learn through its elder so we must be careful about their studies, the environment that is around them. The school is situated in the heart of Mirlung VDC-1, with natural environment in its surrounding. It has really good environment in its surrounding and students are able to get education in natural and fresh environment. They also participate in gardening and other activities of school. The school is trying to promote the organic agriculture through students as the students are from the families who depend upon agriculture for their living. It not only focused for the theoretical education but is also concerned with the environmental and agricultural knowledge. The surrounding is full of natural environment so students are capable to learn in familiar and natural environment.

The school concerned to the overall development of students so it is preparing a school garden and other agricultural products with the help of students also. It will help the students to learn about the organic agriculture and its benefits. When they get to learn about the benefits of organic farming then he himself will relay the message to his parents, to his society and to his community through which we can then make people aware of the situation about the negative impact of inorganic farming and benefits for organic farming. We’re now processing forward to make this school as environmental friendly school.

Community farms at Kavre district:

Recently the organization has extended it’s program at Kavre district which is located nearby Kathmandu where it has been conducting several trainings and other activities. There are several very renowned organic farms where volunteers and visitors can visit and stay in community home to learn the cultural and agricultural diversity of Nepal. One can work in field to learn women’s role in farm and carry out research in the farmer’s field. As Kavre district is pocket area for the vegetable farming and supply the products to Kathmandu and other parts. The vegetables from Kavre are also exported to Tibet as it is on Araniko highway which connects to Tibet border from North-east. Kavre district is also very famous for its natural beauty and panoramic view of Mountain range seen from Dhulikhel one of the famous touristic place.

Marketing of Organic Food,

Only making farmers aware of implementing the organic farming is not enough. Farmers need a market to sell their products so that they gain good income through what they produce. So SADP Nepal not only support farmers to grow organic foods but also provides a space to sell their products in market. SADP has partnership with Mountain Natural Village Pvt. Ltd in Lalitpur district which sells the organic product and deals with the certification process and also has initiated to establish Fishtail Organic Garden Pvt. Ltd. at lakeside in Pokhara.  The farmers from different district then find the place to sell their products and further more encouraged to grow such crops.

If some one will be interested to buy the organic/herbal products, essential oil, from above mentioned outlets for this can be contacted to SADP-Nepal as well.

Awareness programs

Awareness programs are being conducted in Pumdi Bhumdi, Kaski district and in Syangja district. Different farmers group were being formed and working in coordination with other organizations to promote organic agriculture.